Speciality Coffee from Colombian Mountains

About Us

TeamCoffee is a Women Business Owner / Family Business with the commitment to distribute and market speciality Colombian Coffee 100% Arabica. We have different products that differentiate us in the market.  We work directly with Coffee Farmers in this way we have direct access to the whole process from the harvest until the arrival of the product to the final consumer.

Our Dreams

Our coffee is selected and collected by women heads of family. In Colombia, many women carry daily sustenance to their families with coffee business but many of them do not have knowledge or experience to export their product. TeamCoffee wants to build a bridge between the women and the world offering them the best guarantees for themselves and their families.

Our Objetive

Being in Farmer’s Market in Houston and surroundings reaching our customer directly. We are currently in platforms like Amazon and Groupon expanding globally. With our Minority & Women Owned Business Certification we can reach more sales channels like Grocery Stores.

Our products

FREE SHIPPING for orders over $45   Specialty Arabica coffee features an aroma reminiscent of sweet caramel; When brewed it has a note of sweet cane with a silky intense chocolate sello2
Specialty Colombian Coffee – Whole Bean / Medium- Dark Roast/ 100% Arabica
FREE SHIPPING for orders over $45   The Coffee Cubes are designed to enjoy a quality coffee on the GO, made from real coffee beans 100% Arabica. The Coffee cubes are Pre-Sweetened with Panela (unrefined , organic, brown sugar) with only 5 grams of natural sweetener per coffee cube; They are wrapped making easy to put the coffee cubes in a bag or keeping in your office drawer. The Coffee Cubes are perfect for camping/hiking, traveling, office a great option to have Colombian coffee at anytime sello2
Coffee Cubes Arabica Colombian Beans Pre- Sweetened with Panela (unrefined raw sugar) 27 Cubes/box

Our products are selected with passion and knowledge

Our process begins sowing certified seeds

A coffee bean is actually a seed. When dried, roasted and ground, it’s used to brew coffee. If the seed isn’t processed, it can be planted and grow into a coffee tree.

We strictly follow the growth process

Coffee seeds are generally planted in large beds in shaded nurseries. The seedlings will be watered frequently and shaded from bright sunlight until they are hearty enough to be permanently planted

We select the best coffee beans for our customers

The dried beans are known as parchment coffee, and are warehoused in jute or sisal bags until they are readied for export.

The scent of the mountains in your Home


From our farms to your home

“We work with farmers to encourage them to get the best price for their beans and that is where more of the one-on-one relationships come to play”

How to make great coffee at home

You don’t need a fancy espresso machine to make a great cup of coffee at home – just a cafetiere and some freshly ground beans